The ReLeaf Center

9400 McNelly Road
Bentonville, AR 72712

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 8am – 10pm
Saturday 9am – 10pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

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Michelle Pool
Michelle P.
09:12 06 Nov 19
Really nice and helpful staff. Knowledgeable and took time to explain since I know exactly zero they talked me through and gave me a place to start. Will be more
Blake Shelby Gibbs
Blake Shelby G.
01:53 01 Nov 19
The best dispensary in Arkansas! Over 60 strains in stock, and by far the lowest prices. The go-to spot for medical patients in Arkansas. Super knowledgeable staff and always some kind of crazy deal. Open later too! Definitely worth your time stopping more
Top notch service and selection of high quality medical grade cannabis products. This facility is very clean and well maintained, and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They frequently run pricing specials on their already competitive pricing. I really can’t say enough good things about the ReLeaf Center, but these guys do a great job and I refer my cannabis patients there regularly. Great job Matt and staff!read more
Kevin Connell
Kevin C.
23:55 02 Oct 19
I realize it’s about location but incredibly overpriced. The product I received was C great at best. Buds were small crumbly over over dried. $70 for a half gram vaporizer cartridge… please. I gave two stars in hopes they will get more
Carlow Strus
Carlow S.
17:58 25 Sep 19
Excellent variety. Spans the gamut of ingestion methods. The staff is still new and the learning curve is a visible factor, but wholly understandable. Employees enjoy their work, are becoming more professional every time I visit. The text messaged deals I received weren’t enticing enough to make me raid my retirement account given I drive 40 miles round trip to take advantage of them. On one occasion, I opted to physically go rather than order on line and that decision subsequently punished me briskly because they ran out before I got there (and the selections offered at that savings only totalled (as I recall) all of two available to begin with. May I suggest broadening the ‘deals’ appeal to the most consumers by lowering prices, obtaining sufficient bulk quantities to satisfy everyone wanting however they choose to order, and don’t forget to factor in the client’s drive time and overall hassle compared to their more metropolitan competitors (some of whom, incidentally, sell their product for much less when able). They could also stop pushing that on line ordering so hard. It is seemingly their preferred sales method, and is suffocating those who don’t shop that way. It’s difficult to navigate to the in-store-only menu items available because the online ordering seems to be overarching and may be detering those who to like to menu browse, travel, and select their purchase in person. A large dose of leniency is warranted though, as all of this is new territory for shopkeepers and customers alike, and the wrinkle ironing will continue for some time. DEFINITELY worth your time to investigate, however. GREAT People. GREAT Product. GREAT Experience. Should you find yourself shopping here, I predict smiles for more
Maggie Herrmann
Maggie H.
17:12 29 Aug 19
I have read the negative reviews and decided to check it out for myself. Well, it appears the kinks have been worked out. This was a quick side trip during a funeral. Staff was knowledgeable, my wait was VERY short, and I was totally satisfied with my stop there. Got my medical card laminated, too. The gal that took care of me offered! Give them a try. They really can answer your questions. There was a woman in a wheelchair there. She needed some education, and freely git all of her answers. Good job for the first timer!!! Very glad I more
Laylah Lewis
Laylah L.
21:47 28 Aug 19
I was there at the soft opening and everyone was wonderful including the customers. All had patience that’s hard to find anywhere. I’m not sure how high the #’s got but I was 239 and everyone just hung out. So thankful someone finally opened so all of us can get our medicine. Thank you and thank you to the ice cream truck they went above and beyond to help more
Anthony Broadway
Anthony B.
18:51 11 Aug 19
I’ve been twice and got to chop it up with the owner both times. He’s down to earth and don’t mind taking a moment out of his day to chat with the customers. Definitely 5 stars for me!! Everything went smooth and I felt right at home. I love all the variety of strains they have to choose from. Staff is always smiling and friendly. Just know I’m blown away!! I will continue to visit this place even if one opens a mile away from me. I didn’t mention I stay 40 min away. It’s the friendliness I love….#MatthewWayToGoread more
Tammy Baker
Tammy B.
18:11 10 Aug 19
Make sure you have the time wait. It took us 2 and a half hours to get in do to the amount of people there. It was so worth the wait. The people and staff were very helpful and friendly. I made a list of the items I wanted so when it was my turn all I had to do is give it to our bud tinder . That way I was in and out faster. I highly recommend itread more
J Rodgers
J R.
20:30 08 Aug 19
Nice place. Good people. A little less volume on the in store music might be a good thing. Most of the people in the store had trouble hearing their sales associates. Decent prices as well, I was surprised to find my order was a bit cheeper than I thought it would be. All in all good experience. In the future a parking lot and a nice mud free waiting are would be nice. It is a new place however doing something completely new in our state so I’m sure these things will come in time. My one real complaint, is the bathroom situation. No on wants to use an outdoor port a potty and for many of your disabled clients is harder still. This should be a more
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