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16:39 15 Oct 19
I take my good review back. this is the second visit I have had where the person working there has provided misinformation about the product I am buying. leaving me to feel like I spent way more than intended.just to be more specific: first time, the person told me what i was receiving was 2 x 1g pre rolls pack when it ended up being 0.5 x 2. My most recent visit, I was given flower rated at a much lower percentage than what the employee had told me. of course I could double check these things when im heading out the shop but why should I question the information I was given when the place comes off as very professional.read more
Cory Jasper
Cory J.
22:16 13 Oct 19
Lovely location in downtown Victoria. Was able to pick up some local B.C. bud that I cant get in Alberta. Staff was extremely knowledgable, friendly and helpful. Had a lot of amazing choices and price points. Interior of store was very nice. They also had pictures of all the products they had to sell.read more
flo raoul duke
flo raoul D.
06:48 09 Oct 19
I traveled with some friends to Victoria last year and was pretty impressed by you guys store. The super friendly staff was really helpful to find around in the huge amount of products and the quality was more than decent. I would prefer this shop over all Amsterdam shops as well as most other Canadian or American i could see so far. Best wishes to you guys from Germany, keep up doing your job as great as i experienced.read more
Shari Loates
Shari L.
22:42 26 Sep 19
The product is very old, too much packaging and not effective…I am a light weight and it did not effect me in the leastread more
Harlie McManus
Harlie M.
04:40 15 Aug 19
My fave dispensary downtown. Staff is always super friendly and always have great suggestions
Robert Blacher
Robert B.
02:05 10 Aug 19
I’m very glad to have the FARM back after it struggled with all the technicalities of legalization.It continues to have good prices, great service by a knowledgeable staff, and a warm and inviting atmosphereread more
Lanaya Dale
Lanaya D.
04:50 07 Aug 19
First time I’ve been, really friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very high end and beautiful interior with screens on the counter with their menu. Prices are a bit higher but it’s one of the only places that’s open.read more
Tristin Gatey
Tristin G.
18:10 19 Jul 19
The store looks fantastic. It makes a bc liquor store look like complete garbage. Kudos on you guys for working in such a historic building. The digital menu is great, and the staff are friendly and helpful. I’m looking forward to the CO2 oil later in the year as the original farm CO2 was the best for quality out of any other similar product I tried.read more
Vida Cade
Vida C.
08:04 17 May 19
Lee was an incredible bud tender and attentive clerk in general! His recommendations and advice were so welcome and definitely raised a flag for positive weed tourism experiences! We’re on the island for sight-seeing but finding this place was the cherry on the cake. Appreciated his advice based on business ethics of the company growing the product too, almost as much as the quality info on the bud itself!read more
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