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Alex W
Alex W
07:08 08 Nov 19
Favorite weed shop. Super friendly and knowledgable staff. Modern decor. Clean and bright.
Jack Sparrow
Jack S.
17:33 01 Nov 19
With prices like these it is definitely better to just buy the $20.00 1/8’s from your local dealer. Plus the pot here is so dry it’s near impossible to even roll a fatty.read more
Kayla Fournier
Kayla F.
01:10 25 Oct 19
Great service, beautiful clean and legal store and great prices and sales all the time. Hate the plastic packaging!
Brendan Done
Brendan D.
19:08 14 Oct 19
Thanks for the response I’m changing my review to 5 stars after a satisfying response to my concerns. The bud tenders are really knowledgeable & super nice at the DT location as well.read more
Robert Patterson
Robert P.
18:06 21 Sep 19
Awesome staff, gnarly selections. Price was a tad high and out of reasonable pipes, but overall glad to have them around.read more
Lee Baker
Lee B.
18:29 15 Sep 19
I’ve been to a few of the dispensaries around town so far and I have to say this one is one of my favourites. The set up is pretty cool with the touch screens built into the counter displaying all the products. As well the quality of the herb was awesome. I Will definitely be coming back!read more
Miles Shepert
Miles S.
17:56 10 Sep 19
Really unwelcoming customer service at the Hillside location. Almost every time I go there I have to deal with an unhelpful member of their staff who always seems irritated with me for making any inquiries into the product. Do yourself a favor and go bring your business somewhere that actually encourages professionalism in their staff.read more
Roy Jon
Roy J.
21:49 02 Sep 19
Overpriced and dry. Bought a gram of RISE for $10 that was packaged on september 2018, literally a WHOLE year ago. Stick with local dealers where you can actually buy for $5/g and it’s fresh.read more
into mygrey
into M.
22:38 31 Aug 19
Long story short – there was no cannabis inside packaging. I bought 3.5 g of Xscape Tailgate yesterday at 5:30 pm. There was a seal and everything on the packaging. I opened it up once I got home and there was nothing inside. Literally no cannabis. I spent $35.00 for nothing at all. I couldn’t believe it. I called Farmacy and nobody answered so I left a voicemail. I don’t blame them for not giving me a refund or a replacement because how are they supposed to know I’m not lying? I will never get what I paid for and it sucks but I’m writing this review for everyone going there. OPEN THE PACKAGING AND MAKE SURE YOUR CANNABIS IS INSIDE BEFORE LEAVING. Do it right in front of the cashier, because how else are they supposed to know you aren’t lying? I also wonder if this has happened to anyone else. Please let everyone know if it has and don’t be afraid to speak up! This is not okay. I won’t be going to this store anymore. Cloud9 is way better anyway.read more
thomas bower
thomas B.
03:08 10 Aug 19
Hello, second time visiting you store. Great customer service. Way to expensive. Was so looking forward to coming home and rolling a fatty of Chemdawg x Tangerine. Opened the package and all I smelled was stale and rotten. The whole bud was filled with bud rot. Long time smoker,super disappointed. Please get back and explain. Hear all about black market again, and now I understand why. What has Canada done? Thanks,Thomas ps. Not to mention it was packaged a year ago ,WTF???read more
Fat Freddy
Fat F.
20:21 23 Jul 19
The strains should be itemized here so the csr can tell you what strains are powerful and what is not. I’ve been smoking for almost 40 years and weak buds don’t work for me (I have ms). I spend so much time trying to determine what strains might work for me and I end up leaving wondering if it will be strong enough and I can only sort that out when I get home and have a puff. Aside from that, their staff (at both locations) are over the top friendly and the locations are neat and tidy. They have good strains but it is tough to determine which ones they are. Their prices are ridiculous but I’ve seen that at MOST dispensaries out here. I will go back just not as often due to the prices. Considering the mark up on the weed, all the dispensaries could lower their prices and still make money. But the only way that’s going to happen is if everyone let’s them know how they feel. I grew pot for a long time and when I did I calculated that each ounce of weed I grew cost me about 30 bucks to produce. These growers they are using are likely growing it even cheaper because they’re taking advantage of economies of scale. Just my two cents worth.read more
Tristin Gatey
Tristin G.
18:05 19 Jul 19
Finally some better deals. It will be nice once the system levels out and the product will be at peak freshness. This store is extremely clean and the staff are helpful and friendly.read more
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