Greenleaf Compassion Center

395 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ 07042

Hours of Operation

Mon, Tues, Fri, & Sat 10am – 5pm
Wed & Thurs 10am – 8pm

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Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair, NJ is a medical marijuana dispensary open to service NJ Medcard Patients.

17:49 21 Feb 20
The bud is okay. Honestly not worth the outrageous prices they charge. They charge up to 75 dollars for an 8th unreal. Only have flower and trim. You can go to harmony or even Rise in paterson for better selection and cheaper prices. Staff seems to be more
Weed Child
Weed C.
20:06 18 Jan 20
I am about to go just because of there knowledgeable employee Nick he sounds like he knows his stuff please God let me pay less then 50 . Woah they actually answer there phones lol. I’m sorry these reviews scare me good weed sells more
Christina Iannucci
Christina I.
17:52 12 Jan 20
Quiet clean, comfortable, sells only flower , good place to go if you have anxiety
Danny Cruz
Danny C.
17:38 08 Jan 20
I came here on Monday 1/6/20, looking for better pricing, more variety and good quality. Pricey is not even the word. If you are a smoker then you know the difference between, trim grounded up bud, and flower. Well being how they have chosen to price their flower over $120 for a quater, i decided to get ground flower which came out to be Trim. I had to pay 75 for TRIM AND FLOWER IS 75 AN 1/8. This makes no sense its ridiculous and a rip-off. Ive never been to a dispensery that has such an over priced menu. I will never return to this more
Michael Cavalier
Michael C.
05:11 07 Jan 20
Limited stock but quality. 5 stars are for the staff who were very personable, friendly and not rushed giving the customer a more relaxed experience unlike some of their competitors. They get it. Most customers can’t talk to anyone else they know about the product. This means the point of sale is the only chance the client has to get informed answers to the 1 or 2 questions they had contemplated for the entire month. True “compassion” Greenleaf! Keep it up!read more
Rose Pico
Rose P.
21:56 23 Dec 19
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Easy to find.
kerri759 .
kerri759 .
19:26 09 Dec 19
I was one of the first patients of Greenleaf. The dispensary has come such a long way from 2012. Everybody who works there is very accommodating, compassionate and knowledgeable. The product is great as far as I am concerned . It has always helped my condition and accomplished the outcome I expect to achieve from medical marijuana. The waiting area is beautiful and comfortable. I have never had to wait too long. It is very rare to have to wait any great length of time. I am very happy at this dispensary and have no desire to switch to any other more
Owen Pomykacz
Owen P.
14:00 16 Nov 19
Definitely not selling the best product at this location. I called ahead and was assured that they sell more than just buds. They do not. I tried Jersey Girl and it was not what I consider to be high quality product. Dry and low potency. Pretty expensive. Will not be back more
Glenn Russomanno
Glenn R.
02:31 07 Oct 19
Where do I start, the staff had absolutely no information. I wanted info for the (CBD’s and THC’s%) in the medication. There selection is limited. I tried Jersey Girl and it was weak. Oh, and did I mention the parking, had to walk 6 blocksread more
Jonathan Milia
Jonathan M.
15:50 01 Oct 19
The product is decent but nothing special but the prices are ridiculous. Finding parking is a pain. Harmony in Secaucus is a lot cheaper with better more
Da Boss Monte
Da Boss M.
02:38 01 Oct 19
very disappointed in the entire knowledge of the staff. I wanted a strain above 20% THC/THCA… i was told all the strains were above 20.. and like one other comment here, when i got home and read the turns out the total THC adds up to 14% (i did the math) .. the reps need to get up with the math to determine total THC….i was mislead and way OVERPRICED.. .they dont give discounts to seniors and.. they discounts they do give they dont take off the individual product(s) but the total bill…if the other options werent closed, i would have never had the experience i had at Montclair Dispensary. very disappointed. i feel like i was hustled…. never againread more
peter mastrolia
peter M.
04:41 02 Sep 19
No display to even tell you what strains they sell, staff uneducated or just doesn’t care. Told the person I needed a CBD of 16% or Higher, He gave me AC/DC and told me it has 18% when I got home and looked at the label it really has 10.91read more
adam reisboard
adam R.
20:14 07 Jul 19
NJ dispensaries pretty much suck but this is the WORST in a state that just can’t get this right . It’s sad how low end this place is given the high end viscinity and surrounding neighborhoods. The opposite of ANY California or Oregon or Colorado or Florida or Pennsylvania dispensary. Bunch of scammers. Not even open on Sunday!read more
Karan Upadhyay
Karan U.
14:30 23 Jun 19
Be aware this place is the worst out of all the dispensary’s I have visited the flower is absurd dry low potency they do not show test results cause it’s so bad. Beyond that they are the most expensive you are not getting what you pay for the flower is just like mids you can buy in the street for cheap when I called for the menu they replied we are to busy how can you work somewhere and not know anything save your frustration just go somewhere elseread more
Lisa Monroe
Lisa M.
13:43 05 Jun 19
I wouldn’t bother visiting this dispensary. Not only is Julio Valentin misogynistic and has no respect for women the staff is extremely rude and high. It is also the most expensive dispensary in NJ with the poorest quality more
Erica Gucciardo
Erica G.
20:01 25 May 19
I’ve been coming here for 5 years. I’ve only ever had one bad experience with one person who was trying to tell me that my mind was made up from social media when the reality is my mind was made up from experience. Besides him I’ve had mostly good experiences. There has been an occasional shortage or lack of options but lately there’s been options and I’ve been able to walk away with my full monthly allotment in the visit. The employees are very helpful and nice and knowledgeable. Parking isn’t great but have a friend drive you and look for parking while you get your stuff haharead more
Alexia N. Clauss
Alexia N. C.
18:53 16 May 19
They are absolutely fantastic. Very quick and professional but very personable as well. They inform you as much as they can especially when you ask questions. Sean is awesome and helped me with everything! Will be my usual place to go 🙂 thank you all so much!read more
Levon Avetisian
Levon A.
01:15 07 May 19
Was planing on going there but, after reading the reviews no thanks.. The Best Dispensary is in Garden State Wood Bridge. best quality strains in whole state of more
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