Harmony Dispensary

600 Meadowlands Parkway
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Hours of Operation

Sun – Thurs 9am – 8pm
Fri 9am – 7pm

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Harmony Dispensary in Secaucus, NJ is a medical marijuana dispensary open to service NJ Medcard Patients.

Eric Hogan
Eric H.
16:36 13 Feb 20
This place has been the best local medical dispensary for North Bergen County since the day they opened. They are constantly updating their strains and have multiple varieties to chose from as well as discounts and sales. There is plenty of parking and the staff is very nice. Walk ins are allowed and sometimes you may have a little wait but it’s worth it. They also have very clean bathrooms just in case 🙂read more
Justin Campbell
Justin C.
16:10 26 Jan 20
Premium products and great customer service do not make up for severe lack of variety, and unreasonably long wait times. Last year I’d have given 5 stars – more than a dozen strains would be available, and I’d wait no longer than 15 minutes. Today, I’m lucky if there are three strains to choose from after waiting at least 45 minutes.read more
Justin Frascona
Justin F.
15:32 15 Jan 20
I love the staff at Harmony. Nice waiting area. Im usually in and out under 15 minutes which is amazing. Product is high quality. Packaging could be better. Staff is very knowledgeable and make it easy to ask questions. Thank You Harmony.read more
David Haislip
David H.
15:05 05 Jan 20
The place only had 3 types of herb & ALL choices were in shack. Only reason it’s not a 1 star is they had more choices of vape oil. This place has been my ‘go-to’ for dispensary’s for the price, mileage & service. Hopefully Harmony can turn this poor service around!read more
13:57 19 Dec 19
Lines and selection have been much better lately. Staff is always amazing. Their flower is hands down, the best in the state.read more
William Santiago
William S.
15:07 17 Dec 19
I love Harmony! Everyone there always has positive vibes going, especially Walter, Alex, Pat, and Krystal and more. I haven’t seen Emmanuel as of lately and heard he was no longer there. He was very knowledge and he helped me immensely with kindness and compassion. The prices are not bad and the discounts helps alot and specials. I don’t go anywhere else because the selections of flower are amazing. I would like to give thanks to everyone and many blessings…read more
William Santiago
William S.
19:15 11 Dec 19
I love Harmony! Everyone there always has positive vibes going, especially Walter, Alex, and Krystal and more. I haven’t seen Emmanuel as of lately and heard he was no longer there. He was very knowledge and he helped me immensely with kindness and compassion. The prices are not bad and the discounts helps alot and specials. I don’t go anywhere else because the selections of flower are amazing. I would like to give thanks to everyone and many blessings…read more
John C
John C
04:19 07 Dec 19
The flower is awesome. The pre rolls I wasn’t a fan of. I prefer to roll my own and I sure don’t only put half a gram in my Jay’s. I put at least a gram to a gram and half. Went here on black Friday for the first time. Will be coming back.read more
Donald Clouse
Donald C.
22:57 20 Nov 19
Nice place and nice people there. Very busy place but not to long of a wait. Good selection and variety of product. Lots of parking and a nice area. Would recommend for your medicinal needs. Nice they give out a discount for the long drive. Big waiting area but need a television for the waiting area.read more
Julia Cantun
Julia C.
17:29 11 Nov 19
Great service and product. Very attentive and knowledgeable to answer questions. By and far the best in NJ. Location is not ideal or the easiest to get to but it is absolutely worth the trip.read more
kescia prioleau
kescia P.
00:46 09 Nov 19
The staff was amazing, caring, kind and very knowledgeable! I am grateful for the genuine, outstanding treatment that I received all around!The only issue was the cold weather today and waiting on the line outside due to my medical issues the pain set in severely but, to the attentiveness of the staff specifically Mr. Will and Mr. Dennis I was in their very caring and capable hands I was given treatment as if they are my nephews and assisted me to the and inside of it!!!!Thanking you from the deaths of my heart to all at Harmony Dispensary!! Blessings and a safe voyage home.read more
Jonathan Stein
Jonathan S.
22:26 21 Oct 19
Amazing experience! They were knowledgable about the medicine and very professional. Not to mention the bud is top shelf and trimmed very well. Always on point weight wise as well. And the specials are great too!read more
Gloria Hufnagel
Gloria H.
13:34 20 Oct 19
Really friendly staff & excellent products. They will help you get the right strain for your illness. Usually no more than a 5-10 minute wait, even if they are packed! Also, I REALLY like that they update their website to reflect strains available that day , as well as a correct posting of Hours Of Operation. Easy to park & easy to get to. You can use a car, bus ( across street is the stop!) & even the Light Rail, which is close by ( NOT walkable. But Uber . Not too far at all) . We waited so long for them to open close to the Hudson County area & I know I’m not the only happy customer .read more
Frances Moret
Frances M.
17:41 19 Oct 19
I Love everything about Harmony from quality, consistency and variety of Cannabis, to their positive awesome staff. They make you feel at home and happy to see you and serve you…I wish they opened Saturdays for those of us that work all week. People know how wonderful Harmony is because their clientele is growing fast!!😘👍read more
21:15 16 Oct 19
Great place Purple C batch from early April is a heavy 4 ….. editing this post from 6 months ago I realize I was the first person to review this place. Now 6 months later I can say the manager at this facility is a very respectable and upfront dude who knows what he’s doing. great people skills and knowledgeable across the board. It’s retail yet medicinal at the same time so of course human error will occur. Don’t hold it against them, Communication is key !Customer service is on an upward trajectory, put yourself in their shoes it’s a humble clean facility (gets packed for sure) albeit the best in NJ.read more
Joanne Jakobsze
Joanne J.
03:09 15 Oct 19
I don’t know how the other dispensaries in the area work, but I was advised by several different sources to go here when I got my card. Check their website for hours in the fall, it varies from their usual hours. From day one the people here were super helpful. I’m completely ignorant of how it works, and when I was called in to the purchasing room (don’t know what else to call it, it the waiting room is separate from the merchandise) the guy was really happy to talk me through everything. Each time I go in, if I ever have questions, they’re so helpful and patient with me. With everyone really. They’ve been getting busier because I guess word got out that they’re so awesome to work with. So the wait has gone up from 10 minutes to roughly 20. Depends on the time and day. It’s worth it though.read more
17:12 10 Oct 19
First visit ever to a dispensary! It should of been a day earlier but they seem to ignore the phone sometimes. So I had to go the next day to not risk a long drive. Awesome place and really nice people. Chrome Cake and Strawberry OG in flower form is fire!!! I love dispensaries! 🙂read more
John Digiovanni
John D.
17:39 03 Oct 19
good selection, good packaging , discounts sometimes. However constant line of 30 min plus. today 2 hours! with lines wrapped around the building and tents set up to prevent PATIENTS from getting rained on. patients especially working ones cannot be waiting for medicine, especially when they have carved out time in the day to travel there. Need an order ahead system or a system where a patient can pay more money not to have to wait.read more
BlackDeath Vader
BlackDeath V.
18:48 02 Oct 19
Hands down my favorite in NJ. Do they have little quirks here and there, sure. But they have a wide selection, with many unique strains. The staff are always warm, welcoming, and helpful. They even have daily strains that are discounted.read more
16:16 27 Sep 19
The long lines (with little or no effort to create a different system to expedite) and last minute changing hours and closures have created a hardship for the patients. We are told at noon on Friday( when you are already closed on Saturday) that you will close early on sunday and not reopen until Wednesday?! I truly appreciate all the caring and compassionate people who work here, however this new marketing push to become a cool cannabis club with lines out the door and flash sales has made it hard for patients to get their medicine. It’s extremely disappointing and alarming.read more
Gina Amesbury
Gina A.
14:00 18 Sep 19
Great selection, a woman helped to educate me and was knowledgeable and really friendly. I looked that they have sales and discounts for driving far. I recommend this place. I do wish they had a paper menu rather than crowding around a tv screen.read more
Ariel Andrade
Ariel A.
16:53 06 Sep 19
Great PLace .. Fast pace.. Great flower.. The staff are very knowledgeable… I always have a hard time picking. So with them moving it along helps me choose. And I am very happy with Mamas little helper.read more
Hadi K. Battice
Hadi K. B.
14:44 29 Aug 19
Best dispensary in NJ, hands down. Assortment of products, gear and a knowledgeable staff. The prices are great and the discounts are well.read more
Emily Jamison
Emily J.
22:55 27 Aug 19
I used to go to Garden State dispensary every month until I tried Harmony today. Sooooo many more options. They had eleven or twelve flower options while garden state sometimes only has 1 or 2 available flower strains. The people are knowledgeable and super friendly. Oh and you get discounts on the strain of the day and YOU CAN BRING YOUR DOG. That should seal the deal right meowread more
Christine Nelly
Christine N.
18:50 25 Jul 19
I give them 5 ***** Clean, efficient, friendly staff – Fun Uplifting environment.Price’s are decent amount- Great Location Easily found, parking is always available.Go enjoy your self, your Day, Your upcomings and your all around greatness That YOU ARE!! God is LoveBe Beautiful- Be blessed always have Faith and always be Safe.✝️🦋✝️🦋✝️🦋✝️🦋read more
Chael Blase
Chael B.
12:29 26 Jun 19
The first I went there I was made to feel at ease. Staff was extremely knowledgeable and patient with all of my questions. They spent around a half hour explaining which strain would be best for me. The it makes me feel registration process was quick and simple. I totally enjoyed the time I spent thereread more
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