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Verilife Albany

10 Executive Park Drive
Albany, NY 12203

Hours of Operation

Mon – Sat 10 – 7

About Verilife in Albany

A Verilife medical cannabis dispensary location is now open at 10 Executive Park Drive in Albany, NY 12203.

Verilife menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their New York MedCard.

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What People Are Saying

Shealyn Heritage
Shealyn H.
22:57 14 Jan 20
By far the best dispensary in my county. Refuse to go to any other. As the employees were so nice annd caring. Offer... great services and education. And amazing products. I have one that I stick w all the time and its to the point they know exactly what I need and what my purchase will be and some even know me by more
Pamela Lempin
Pamela L.
19:19 27 Dec 19
The staff here is very knowledgeable and friendly. They answered all my questions to my satisfaction. There guidance is... very more
Lisa Suarez
Lisa S.
18:27 27 Dec 19
I enjoy this store. Staff is all super friendly and helpful. Prices may be high but they run awesome specials ! I... would recommend to everyone !read more
Matthew Steven
Matthew S.
22:21 21 Nov 19
I haven't had the pleasure to come to your establishment I hope to soon as the paperwork is in order. I'd like to say... to anyone who gives a poor review of this establishment first off this is very new for New York State you shouldn't be little this company it is something that New York state is trying out, and the other thing is, giving you a strong euphoric high is not NYS primary goal! This isn't going to be like the stuff you got off the street that could be mixed with who knows what got you a stronger buzz. This is medicinal! There are different ways that medicinal marijuana works in my case it cuts off the pain sensors in my sciatic nerve on the back of my right leg and also a disc in my neck needs that to be replaced. New York states #1 goal is not for you to get a high! Sorry to disappoint. If getting high is your goal at Verilife? Then maybe going to an NA meeting or two would be in order. And discussing your concerns with your primary. As time goes on I'm sure Verilife will get more of a handle on what New York state is allowing them to do and now with the Vape crisis it's one more issue for them to worry about. What ever happened to the good old days in high school where you got some really good hydroponic a nice bubbler filled with ice and Brita water 1 fat pull off it, all your aches and pains disappeared all your ailments in general soothed and you were good for 12 hours or longer. And for a quarter of the price everything is today! I do wish Verilife all the best!read more
Ashlee Fletcher
Ashlee F.
22:57 18 Oct 19
The atmosphere was very pleasant, I had been worried about a "head shop" feel and it couldn't have been more different.... Very professional, clean, and inviting. Everyone was very kind, and very personable. The employees are extremely knowledgeable, but also respected the knowledge that I had as well.To be honest I really can't put into words how happy I am with my experience. I would recommend this dispensary for everyone and more
Bates Vandenburgh
Bates V.
10:41 17 Oct 19
Very nice place. Staff is attentive and knowledgeable about the products they offer. They also have great music and a... rocking coffee bar that's a must more
candice Cole
candice C.
14:03 24 Aug 19
I went for my first time yesterday. No words could explain how great all of the staff were. I went to the Albany... dispensary and anyone who has a card needs to go here !! The facility is like a gorgeous contemporary home. Very family feel. I was nervous walking in , and with in 30 seconds I felt like I knew everyone for years. They took the time to listen to extended health issues and stories and seemed incredibly knowledgeable. We then saw the pharmacist who also was incredible. They have free delivery with in 90 miles!! Prices were soooo cheap. I will not even attempt to try a different dispensary and am looking forward to going back to see everyone!! Thank you !!!!read more
Jeff M
Jeff M
22:17 07 Aug 19
Amazing store and a very friendly professional staff. They have just lowered prices to be more competitive. The quality... of the oils is top notch. Would highly recommend. New York State just needs to start allowing more more
Lord Shadowz
Lord S.
20:21 15 Jun 19
I had an amazing experience at this dispensary and I highly recommend it. I have a lot of medical issues. I spent over... TWO hours with Corey and the pharmacist going over all of my medical history and medications and creating a treatment plan. The pricing wasn’t bad at all. It’s been two days and let me tell you I feel so much pain relief. I am so grateful. I am now set up to get home delivery too for free. Being disabled and not able to drive that’s just awesome. I really appreciate the time everyone spent with me. I can’t believe I was there well over two hours. Thank you Corey and more
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