CY+ Dispensary

2116 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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About CY+ Dispensary in Wintersville

CY+ is a medical marijuana dispensary location at 2116 Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh.

CY dispensary menu products are available to patients in Pennsylvania with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.

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What People Are Saying

Joe Miller
Joe M.
13:13 15 Mar 20
Apparently if you know somebody who works here they will allow you in 30 to 45 minutes early before everyone else. Take... your business somewhere else.Friends/family show up at 9. Everyone else 10read more
Jessica Lynn
Jessica L.
19:40 06 Mar 20
I love your products and your staff is friendly and knowledgeable. However, I had a question. Why are your Crestco... Reserve cartridges $70 when I can get them at other dispensaries in the city for $50 or $60? more
Megan Kelly
Megan K.
16:27 26 Feb 20
Best menu selection,super fast service, open seven days a week. Love this dispensary!!!!
Patrick Conley
Patrick C.
17:28 04 Feb 20
Very professional and caring staff. Difficult parking for location.Disappointing that this is Cresco home store, but... they charge more money for Cresco products here than other dispensary companies more
07:06 04 Feb 20
Bad day at the Pittsburgh location... It was about 5:30 on a Monday after the Super Bowl so maybe folks were thinking... of going home. Getting inside was fine and I was taken fairly quickly to the back room. I quickly picked a couple items - then asked about the batteries provided and reiterated that I wanted a draw activated device (not button operated). After a hassle at the ATM (that thing is goofy) I was called up to check out just as I got my $. I then learned that one of the items I had asked for was out of stock, there was a different item I had not ordered in the basket and no battery. They got me a battery, collected my $ and sent me on my way... Now I find out that the battery is button driven! Third Strike, Your Out!read more
Chris E
Chris E
14:28 21 Jan 20
I strongly dislike this place. I've recently learned that they secretly maintain multiple menus and keep the sought... after products to limited customers/friends. Someone else on here just said that as well, which prompted me to also write a review, so it must be a pattern.Its weird, I never have a problem anywhere else. But every time I'm here it's an unpleasant experience and the people do not seem friendly. Lots of bizarre business choices being made here, maybe the reason Cresco stock is doing so poorly?read more
16:11 11 Jan 20
1 star for the online pick up process1 star for location convenience1 star for the nice gentleman that work here.... All very friendly and open for good convos. (Never had a nice convo with any of the females working. All seem short with answers and not enthused on being there)The fact that we can't add to our orders upon checking out in store is an inconvenience to us. We sometimes wait to ask a questions once we get in which will open the opportunity to us to add more to our orders. This would be nice because we never get call backs from the voicemails we leave. Cant add to our orders though... The one thing I will say though is they do cycle the people in and out. The system is streamlined and works. I have never spent more than 20 minutes here. Kudos for that.The selection has been pretty impressive. Its best to stop in and see what the got. Sometimes they can't keep up with online menu with what is being delivered there. It was a surprise to see way more there in person vs what was visible more
Medical Patient 412
Medical Patient 4.
04:26 10 Jan 20
All the staff I have ever encountered were very professional. They don’t always have a great selection but they’re... open on Sundays which is a huge +. They do have a small lot that you can park in for free but spots are limited. I never have any trouble finding a spot on the street. It would be nice if they had some sort of rewards program. Especially since they do have some of the “higher” prices than other dispensaries more
Jon Jarrett
Jon J.
18:30 09 Dec 19
So they confirmed my order via text and when I got there they only had half of it/ 1 of 2 items. The guy had no idea... why but all he had for me was 1 of the 2 things ordered. I did not get a text saying they were out of the other thing so I went expecting to get what I ordered. Instead I got 80$ of product instead of 170$. I wouldn’t have wasted my time and gas had they told me they ran out and I placed the order the previous night while it was still in stock. Wasted time... will not return. New ken is a much better staff/location better service and no screw overs like more
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